Shapes in dark shadows? Things that go bump in the night? Yes, these can be scary…but home inspections? NOTHING to be scared about there!

Many home buyers are often in the dark about home construction and all the workings, so trying to decipher a home inspection report can seem daunting. The difference between this stud and that? To the average consumer, the report would seem like it’s in another language. Which it is – the home building language. And JCP speaks this language perfectly.

We are not going to let you travel this seemingly spooky road all alone.  Nor will you question what the home inspection report says. We’ll be walking you through it step by step.

Below is a down and dirty checklist, that lists out the items you will see on a general home inspection list:

Structural Elements: Everyone figures this is #1 on the list; the actual structure of the house. This includes floors, ceilings, walls, roof and the foundation. Any cracks? How about the roof, any leaks?

Roof and Attic: This is where framing and ventilation will be checked out, including gutters. Let’s take a close look at the roof, and make sure it doesn’t need replacing.

Exterior Evaluation: Everything outside the home, including landscaping, driveways, wall coverings, grading, elevation, drainage, fences, sidewalks, doors, windows and lights. And don’t forget that garage!

Systems and Components: In a nutshell, this is your inner workings of the house, including furnaces, air conditioning, water heater, any ducts, and fireplaces.

Plumbing: A staple on the list, good ol’ plumbing. Everything will be identified, including pipe materials used for drain, waste and vent pipes. (Aka: toilers, showers, sinks, faucets and traps)

Appliances: While everyone knows this includes things like garbage disposals and dishwashers and ovens, did you know it also includes built-in microwaves and even smoke detectors?

Electrical: The electrical panel will be thoroughly checked out, including all circuit breakers, main panel, grounding, any exhaust fans, all types of wiring, light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Might seem like a lot to think about…might seem a little daunting or scary. But don’t let it.


We will give you all the information and knowledge needed to feel comfortable with the home inspection process. As with dark shadows and things that go bump in the night, once you shine light on them, they aren’t scary at all.